At the age of four years, Ramona already knew what she wanted for the future and she started writing her first music notes while she was still in nursery school.
She commenced piano lessons at 7 years and as soon as she was 8 she was educated in classical singing at the Mosbach School of Music, Germany.
Four years later she initiated writing her own lyrics in english and the contents were based on her own life and emotions. In addition she took part in a  young people`s music contest - "Jugend musiziert" in Heidelberg and won the second prize.
Ecstatic to be given the chance to sing at a recording studio, Ramona covered her first song at the age of 14 which resulted in her switching to pop singing classes. At 16 she began composing her own tunes, which were subsequently produced as demo tapes.
Right from the cradle she loved music and always wanted more and more of it and for her final exams at school she created a CD as her school project and graduated with Top Honors.
She then took some timeout for a year in order to work on her first album called "state of my heart". It consists of twelve songs attributing to her personal experiences and thoughts. With lots of pleasure, delight and heart`s blood this project originated in collaboration with Stefan Hartmann, one of the producers who worked with bands like Down Low's "Africa, Start the Riot"and Siggi Zundl the producer of Masterboy, Worlds Apart at the Sound Factory Recording Studio in Walldorf, Germany.
Now Ramona is gaining experience as a musician.
Simultaneously she began authoring her first fantasy novel by committing her imaginative thoughts to paper. The german version of the book will be published in spring 2011 by Wagner-Verlag.
And now, please enjoy listening to the new songs...